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Company History

Our Story

In the late 1960’s my parents Robert and Theresa decided to start their own family construction company.

The economy was not great but being a World War II veteran, my father was not at all intimidated by risk. My mother learned over the years to appreciate that. We were a very young family (my oldest brother Bill was only 23) with 6 kids and my father believed that was an asset.

Other people looked at those facts and thought my father and mother were taking too much of a risk but (during WWII) having spent 3 years on a Naval Destroyer (approximately 170’ long ship) with other eighteen and nineteen year old’s, and a Captain who was just twenty four years old, my father believed it was the perfect time to start a business! One of my father’s favorite saying was, “WWII was won by 18- and 19-year old’s– always give young people a chance.” After the war, Robert worked in Toledo for design engineering companies.

And so, it was in 1969 Kirk Bros Co., Inc. was incorporated by my father Robert Kirk. KBC performed general building construction as well as water and wastewater treatment plant construction.

Having been in the construction industry since the end of WWII my father believed a construction company, dedicated to quality work, at a fair price, with great trades people, would be around for a long time and clients would appreciate it. I am thankful my parents took that risk in 1969 and will always strive to achieve the values they believed in.

Then, in 1987, Alvada Const. Inc. was incorporated by my oldest brother William “Bill” Kirk to perform general building construction, thereby allowing Kirk Bros. Co., Inc., to focus exclusively on water and wastewater treatment plant construction. Bill believed having a construction company that was narrowly focused on building construction would better serve the needs of our clients, and the community.

Fast forward to the present and you have Kirk Corporation which includes the original Kirk Bros. Co., Inc., Alvada Construction, and three other construction-related companies: Alvada Trucking, Kirk Bros. Masonry, Bodie Mechanical Services.

"Do the job right the first time regardless of the energy or time it takes because our clients have to be the top priority."

— Robert Kirk, Founder


As a trusted family-owned business for over 55 years, ACI Const. Co., Inc. (ACI) is deeply rooted in the community and recognized as a leader in the commercial construction industry. Offering a comprehensive range of services, including general construction, construction management, design-build, and self-performed services, ACI has played a crucial role in the growth and development of Northwest Ohio. Our dedication to quality and value underscores our pledge to deliver projects surpassing expectations while nurturing community partnerships.

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